APPETISERS (to share)

Marinated Olives £2.25

Garlic Bread £2.50

Garlic Bread with Cheese £3.50

Tomato and Onion Salad £1.95

Grilled Chorizo £4.95

Served in a traditional ramekin dish and flamed in 'bagaco'.

Presunto (Porco Preto) £7.95

Black pig Cured Ham (sliced to order).

Piri-Piri Humous £2.25

Served with Crusty Bread.


Homemade Soup of the Day £3.25

Served with Slice of Homemade Crusty Bread.

Grilled Sardines £4.75

'Gambas Agilho' £6.50

Tiger Prawns marinated and sautéed in Garlic and Olive Oil.

'Pasteis de Bacalhau' £4.75

Traditional Portuguese Salted Cod Cakes.

Mussels 'à Marinheiro' £6.50

Quick steamed in their own juices with Cream Garlic & Coriander.

Tuna Paté £3.75

Served over Toasted Homemade Bread.

Prawn Cocktail £4.75

Calamari Rings £4.75

Melon with Presunto (Iberian Ham)

Salt and Pepper Ribs £4.50

Chicken Liver Paté £4.25

Served over Toasted Homemade Bread.

Chicken Livers £4.50

Sautéed with Onions and Garlic in a White Wine Sauce served over Toasted Homemade Bread.

Piri-Piri Chicken Wings £4.50



Piri-Piri Chicken is served in three different flavours

Lemon and Herb - Medium - Hot

Whole Chicken Piri-Piri Platter (Serves 2) £16.95

Half Chicken Piri-Piri £8.95

Chicken Breast Piri-Piri £7.95

Chicken 'Alentejana' £10.95

Chicken Breast stuffed with Black Pudding and Goat's Cheese topped with a Creamy Piri-Piri Sauce. Served over Mash Potatoes.


All our Chicken is marinated in the legendary Piri-Piri Marinara then grilled in an authentic Charcoal Grill



Grilled Sea Bream £14.95

Topped with Lemon Butter. Served with Sautéed New Potatoes and Vegetables.

Grilled Salmon £13.95

Topped with Dill Sauce. Served with Saute New Potato and Daily Vegetables.

'Bacalhau Assado' £14.95

Grilled Salted Cod. Served with Roasted Potatoes.

'Bacalhau a Braga' £14.95

Salted Cod topped with Peppers, Onions and Garlic.

Served with Hand Sliced Round Fries.

Seafood Cataplana (serves 2) £39.95

Traditional Dish from the Algarve Region: Lobster, Prawns, Mussels, Clams & Calamari, Potatoes, Peppers & Tomatoes prepared in a Copper Vessel.

Stuffed Peppers (v) £9.95

Stuffed Peppers with Rice topped with Goat's Cheese.

Grilled Rack of Ribs £12.95

Topped with Piri-Piri Sauce. Served with Chips.

Belly Pork £11.95

Grilled to perfection, marinated in our secret Piri-Piri Sauce.

Served with Chips.

Grilled Lamb Cutlets £15.95

Served with Mashed Potatoes.

'Bife a Casa' £14.95

Beef Medallions grilled and topped with a Creamy Red Wine and Mushroom Sauce.

Served with Hand Sliced Round Fries.

Sirloin Steak £16.95

Cooked to your liking. Served with Chunky Chips.

Bitoque £13.95

8oz Rump Steak topped with a Fried Egg. Served with Chips, Rice & Salad.

Surf & Turf £18.95

8oz Sirloin Steak cooked to your liking topped with Grilled Tiger Prawns.

Served with Chips, Rice and Salad.

'Bife a Portuguesa' £16.95

Grilled Sirloin Steak in a traditional clay ramekin topped with a Red Wine Sauce.

'Espetada a Madeirense' £16.95

Madeira style Beef Skewers. Served with Chunky Chips.

Grilled Fillet Steak £19.95

Served with Hand Cut Chips.

'Tornedo a Inglesa' £20.95

Fillet Steak wrapped with Bacon topped with a Red Wine Jus.

Served over Toasted Bread.

Mixed Grill £16.95

Rump Steak, Lamb Cutlet, Fresh Sausage, Belly Pork, Ribs and Chicken Breast.

Served with Chips.

Sauces for Steak £1.00

Peppercorn, Diane, Red Wine.


Chunky Cut Homemade Chips £2.25

Chunky Cut Homemade Piri-Piri Chips £2.50

Sautéed Mushrooms £2.95

Battered Onion Rings £1.95

Mixed Salad £1.50